Get Your Quick (and Cheap!) Indian Food Fix at OTR’s Injoy


Editor’s Note: This restaurant has closed.

Injoy takes what you love about traditional South Asian cuisine and gives its Indian-inspired fare the Chipotle treatment, with generous, moderately priced portions served up before your eyes.

Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

At the assembly line ordering station inside this fast-casual takeout joint, patrons can customize their wraps and bowls to include all the grains, proteins, sauces, veggies, and extras they want. The bowl keeps the juicy fixings contained, and the “small” size is more than filling. Choose basmati rice or quinoa, and smother it with one of four vegan-friendly coconut milk–based sauces. If you’re craving tangy flavors, pick the creamy, tomato-based tikka masala. The spinach-based saag satisfies your savory side. The chicken and tofu don’t disappoint, but the real protein star is the aloo gobi, a garlic- and turmeric-infused mix of cooked cauliflower and sweet potato chunks. Top it all off with the minty, garlicky raita yogurt drizzle, which adds to the overall creaminess and is balanced by extras like crunchy spiced peanuts, pickled onions, and fresh cilantro. The mac and cheese alone is worth the trip. One bite of its rich, cheesy tikka masala sauce, and you’ll regret all the times you’ve settled for the blue box.

Injoy, 1400 Republic St., Over-the-Rhine

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