Rima’s Diner


Rima’s Diner is squashed into a tiny lot just off the expressway in Crescent Springs. Real estate must have been at a real premium, since you’ll feel claustrophobic just parking around here. Inside, it’s cozy with kitschy remnants of the good life from a simpler time: Doris Day blares on the speakers so the seniors can hear, an Elvis potato chip can sits on a display way up high where the kids can’t get at it, colorful stained-plastic Tiffany lamps dangle above the tables. But don’t let any of that stop you from coming. The food is homey and leaves a lot of people feeling like they splurged a little: grouper, catfish, pork chops, meatloaf, and a burger that requires a third hand to hold. I specifically had to ask the waitress if she mistakenly brought me the bowl of pintos and cornbread instead of the cup, since I got a large crock. She said no. I got the impression that the bowl was more like a side dish for a family of eight than a serving meant for one person. I couldn’t tell if the homemade desserts were really popular or merely legendary since everyone was doing a lot more gawking and talking about them than eating them. The chocolate pie and carrot cake are the most notorious, but all the baked goods require two forks and sharing. Rima’s seems a little pricey to have so many seniors walkering in the door, but the portions are large enough that a doggie bag yields lunch and dinner the next day. Everything is large enough to share, and maybe that’s the point. This is a decent place to come and over-eat.

Rima’s Diner
2520 Hazelwood Dr., Crescent Springs
(859) 331-6444

Prices: $8–$13. Lunch and dinner Mon–Sat, brunch Sun.

Originally published in the July 2012 issue. 

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