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Gyro Gem

Those of us in the world of divedom are always looking for the hidden gems that Mr. and Mrs. Joe Average would pass by with their noses turned up. And hiding here at the Gyro Plaza Café, inside an unremarkable exterior, is food worthy of a multi-star rating. Though it’s easy to pass this place up—don’t. You’ll miss out on some great homemade Mediterranean cooking. The gyros are the star here. But don’t let that stop you from trying the things that make the Mediterranean diet such a delightful way to eat healthier. This part of the world has a long history of wrapping meat up in bread and you’ll find so many tastes stuffed in a pita here: chicken shawarma, spicy beef kafta, crispy falafel, and creamy hummus. For something completely unexpected, try the Arayess, a pita stuffed with kafta meat and served with a marinara sauce. If you’re not as brave, there are American burgers, including a homemade veggie burger. And the Greek fries are really something. They’re topped with enough feta and a tangy Italian dressing that they’re a meal within themselves. If this Mediterranean diet doesn’t sound as healthy as you expected, the Gyro Plaza Café has a nice collection of salads, including Greek, tabbouleh, and vegetable-rich fattoush, as well as a more conventional salad served with bold marinated chicken on top. There’s real homemade baklava (honest) for dessert, along with a big cup of Arabic coffee—mild, stealthy, and spiced with cardamom. Though this is Mediterranean fast food, you might want to take it slow. These are big flavors to savor in an unpretentious and undiscovered spot.

Gyro Plaza Café
4866 Delhi Pike
(513) 251-1200
Prices: $5–$8.
Lunch and dinner seven days.

Originally published in the December 2012 issue.


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