Currito: The Other Burrito Option


Penny-pinching young professionals. Poor college students. Time-strapped parents bankrolling tuition for their college student. The roles may be different, but the need is the same: a quick, hot meal that will stretch until dinner for only a few crumpled George Washingtons and the loose change jingling around your desk drawer. When you can maintain that price point without settling for a deep-fried, greasy mess, you’ve achieved something special. This is where Currito comes in.

A now-national chain owned by Cincinnati-based brothers Joe and John Lanni, this burrito-ry (as in burrito eatery) has established itself as a diverse alternative to its Fountain Square competition, Chipotle. The menu features smoothies (try the Nutella), salads, seven signature burritos, and of course, the ability to create your own combination. The smorgasbord of toppings (25 total, including chick peas, almonds, and mango salsa) and a dozen sauces and dressings (tikka masala, buffalo, yogurt raita) certainly lives up to the “Burritos Without Borders” billing.

Try experimenting with the build-your-own option. Start with a warm bed of white rice and grilled chicken topped with a crisp combination of carrots and broccoli (see above). Contrast that with a juicy dollop of fresh corn salsa and perfectly caramelized onions, all smothered in as much sriracha sauce as your mouth can handle and wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla. And remember to have it toasted. It’ll help to give your expanding bundle of a burrito some much needed reinforcement.

Currito, 111 E. Fifth St., (513) 579-1333,

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