The Vintage Warehouse of Your Dreams Is in Lower Price Hill


Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

On the third floor of a big red brick warehouse in Lower Price Hill, there is vintage clothing. A lot of it—10,000 square feet full, to be exact. Pixel 19 Vintage and Sweet Dahlia Vintage took up residence there six years ago, though Stu Nizny, the owner and only-ever employee of Pixel 19, has been in the business for more than 30 years.

Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

Beyond this space—packed with vintage band T-shirts, shoes, dresses, a gaggle of by-appointment shoppers, and bumping music—Nizny has another 3,000-square-foot spot with rare housewares and clothing dating back to the ’20s that he sells to collectors, celebrities, stylists, and film costumers, while Amanda Hale of Sweet Dahlia stocks 2,000 square feet of high-end 1870s to 1950s clothing on the floor below. Because specialty is key to the Pixel-Dahlia biz: They work as a costuming source for many feature films (local and in L.A.) from Warner Bros. and other major studios, like Miles Ahead and My Friend Dahmer. As far as where they source, whether for film or the wearable vintage they stock for the public, says Nizny: “Without giving away trade secrets? A lot of private homes.”

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