Four Downtown Spots Where You Can Get to Work


Nobody loves a commute. But if working remotely has got you stuck to the, uh,

remote, then downtown has options to improve your productivity. The sidewalk is your front yard, after all: You’re basically home.

October 2018 | Downtown Living Now

1628 Ltd.
1628 bills itself as a “curated co-working” space with an emphasis on hospitality, which basically means hella-fancy, pretend-you’re-an-executive office: art exhibits on the walls, non-Keurig/Folgers coffee, lunch service, a concierge…
11 Garfield Pl., (513) 320-2596

Café at the CAC
Aim for the off hours, stake out a table or bar seat, and get some sustenance. Main perks: Refresh your brain with a wander through the exhibitions (now free!) or a stop in the Contemplation Room (no, we’re not talking about the bathroom).
44 E. Sixth St., (513) 345-8400

They open at 11 a.m., right when you start to slow down. Mostly retail during the day, it’s a chill place to settle in. And we present: people-watching on the street; olives, almonds, and charcuterie to keep you cranking; and a glass of wine when it hits that time.
640 Main St., (513) 381-3752

Riverfront Parks
If the internet is distracting you, then get away from the internet. Take your laptop or—gasp—print things out and snag a giant swing at Smale or spread out on the Serpentine Wall. Your phone is a hotspot and a constant internet connection. You shall survive—and focus.

The Mercantile Library
We’re biased, being book-lovers and all, but there’s no better choice in this business district: abundant natural light, antique tables in a variety of seating vignettes, BYO food and beverage, plus the Adesso coffee cart for when you forget your own brew.
414 Walnut St., # 1100, (513) 621-0717

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