CVG Has Landed Powel Crosley’s Super Station Wagon


Powel Crosley Jr. is perhaps best known locally as a longtime owner of the Reds and the founder of WLW, but he was also a technological trailblazer, particularly in the automobile industry. The Crosley Corporation produced a line of fuel-efficient vehicles that became popular during World War II due to gas rationing. Thanks to the Cincinnati Museum Center, airport visitors can now peek into one of Crosley’s bygone creations—his personal 1951 Crosley Super Station Wagon—which will be on display in the baggage claim area though late 2018.

Crosley’s cars—which could go 36–50 miles per gallon—fell out of popularity in the late 1940s, and production halted in 1952 when gas was 20 cents per gallon.

Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

Photographs by Jeremy Kramer

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