Taking In the View from Holtman’s Doughnut Window



e’re not ones to walk out of a doughnut shop for lack of atmosphere. But we will make a special trip for extra cuteness, especially when kids are on board. To wit: The viewing window at the newest Holtman’s Donuts location in West Chester is a kid magnet, drawing them in before they even spot the finished candy-sprinkled doughnut display at the back of the shop. They know something important is happening in that kitchen, with its huge stainless steel mixing bowls, trays of unbaked dough rings, glowing ovens, rainbow of bulk sprinkles, and clouds of flour. It’s a little piece of old-timey nostalgia in a gleaming new suburban storefront: No screens, just hungry kids, busy bakers, and the eternally awesome promise of treats.

All doughnuts aside, the viewing window is something to do. And if you have small kids, you know the value of that. Then, of course, there are the doughnuts, which you might know intimately from their previous appearances at Holtman’s locations in Loveland and Over-the-Rhine. From chocolate iced to Fruity Pebble–coated to classic glazed, they live up to the viewing window’s opening act. 

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