Check Your Election IQ With Our Election Season Crossword Puzzle

It seems like it never ended, but alas: Election time is upon us again. Check your knowledge! Remember why it’s called silly season! And then go vote November 7. You know, democracy and all.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway


Answers below:




CLUE: Number of candidates who picked up petition packets to run for City Council
ANSWER: Forty Four

CLUE: Total number of City Council seats

CLUE: Number of valid signatures needed to get on the ballot
ANSWER: Five hundred

CLUE: John Cranley lost in the primary to Yvette Simpson by nearly ______ points
ANSWER: Eleven

CLUE: Still running against the (currently running!) streetcar
ANSWER: John Cranley

CLUE: Led the campaign for four-year terms (won), ran _for a four-year term (lost), trying again _sans a party endorsement
ANSWER: Laure Quinlivan

CLUE: Young, gay, invested in the urban core…and a Republican
ANSWER: Seth Maney

CLUE: Traditional west side campaign stop
ANSWER: Price Hill Chili

CLUE: The Board of _____ controls a bigger budget than the city’s general fund
ANSWER: Education

CLUE: P.G. Sittenfeld _loves to remind you how much he _loves eating ______
ANSWER: Skyline

CLUE: Once aired a Cincinnati City Council campaign ad in Japanese, with subtitles. Lost that election.
ANSWER: Amy Murray

CLUE: A hashtag to find one candidate’s stance (not Waldo)
ANSWER: WhereIsWendell

CLUE: Senate named a “plain hotdog on a bun with no reasoning behind it” after him
ANSWER: John Cranley

CLUE: Hosts a weekly networking event called “The Bar Is My Golf Course”
ANSWER: Ozie Davis

CLUE: “City Kitty” cohosts Facebook live segments with this candidate
ANSWER: Derek Bauman

CLUE: Political party of former councilmembers Qualls, Bortz, and Tarbell
ANSWER: Charter Committee

CLUE: Sitting councilmember who chose not to run again
ANSWER: Kevin Flynn

CLUE: Sitting councilmember term-limited out
ANSWER: Charlie Winburn

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