Cincinnati On Film

The Queen City has become a monster hit with filmmakers. Learn about the origins of Cincinnati's film industry, how it continues to grow today, and the people who make our city shine on the silver screen.

By John Fox, Greg Hand, Mackenzie Manley, Kane Mitten, Patrick Murphy, Sam Rosenstiel, and Justin Wiese

Edited by Kane Mitten

Behind the Lights, Camera, Action: Local Folks in the Film Industry

Some movie jobs are obvious; others can be harder to define. But they're just as vital to any film on the big screen.

Winterfilm Is A Film Fest On The Fly

One decade later, this local DIY film fest is still going strong.

Film Production Tax Credits Make Show Business Boom in Cincinnati

Ohio’s film production tax credits have helped build an industry, but other states are now outbidding us.

Film Cincinnati’s Rise to the Top

Kristen Schlotman doesn’t just want Cincinnati to be "a" film city—she wants it to be "the" film city.

Editor’s Letter, February 2023: Queen City on Film

How Cincinnati's relationship with the film industry put us on the map.

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