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How This Magazine Helped Clumsy Me Find My Soulmate

Things were different back in the Olden Days of the 1990s.

On The Market: A Norwood Reno To Rival Any Oakley Foursquare

4111 Elsmere, Norwood, $269,900 As Hyde Park and Oakley home prices rise, nearby Norwood is starting to get a lot more love. Take this grey...

Catherine Pritchard

Account Representative

Bring Robert Stephenson Back From His Louisville Exile

These days, Stephenson is no longer the Next Big Thing. But maybe he should be the next man up.

The Reds Already Have Three Quality Starting Pitchers Not Named Matt Harvey

When a team is going as poorly as the Reds have been so far this season, it’s easy to pick out almost any player or group of players and lay some blame at their feet.

The Adam Duvall Ship Has Sailed

It’s been a rough week for the Cincinnati Reds. (This is your cue to scream: It’s been a rough half-decade for the Reds!)

Dr. Dan Hillis, Mason Dental Care

Spend 10 minutes talking with Dr. Dan Hillis at Mason Dental Care and two things quickly become evident: Dr. Hillis is as passionate about incorporating art and natural form into his craft as he is with the reconstruction of teeth and gums. Also, Dr. Hillis questions everything.

Bootsy Collins is Still Rock and Roll Royalty

And whether you realize it or not, the legendarily outrageous, endlessly enthusiastic, sartorially sensational godfather of funk is unquestionably the Queen City’s musical ambassador.

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