16 Inspirational Holiday Wedding Ideas


Jonathan Gibson Photography

June used to be the most popular month for weddings, but it’s easy to see why modern couples are switching it up and getting hitched during the holidays: your guests are already in a festive mood, and it’s easy to remember your anniversary. Win-win.

Besides the convenience of it all, holiday weddings are just so darn pretty. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ideas, from invitations to gowns to decor, for your inspiration:


Invitation by Five Dot Design. Flowers by Marti’s Floral Design.

Photographs by Ryan Kurtz


Kortnee Kate Photography

Add a festive accent to your invitations with a glittery border or envelope liner.



Aaron M. Conway/OMS


Kortnee Kate Photography

Take advantage of the fact that most venues are already decorated for the holidays (hello, budget!) and make the seasonal decor work for you.



Photo: Ryan Kurtz

Aaron M. Conway/OMS

Place your cake on an ornate gold stand, and add some sparkle to handmade marshmallows with edible glitter (yes, that’s a thing).



Shay Nartker Photography

Aaron M. Conway/OMS

Give a nod to Christmas tree season with deep red blossoms and a spray of evergreens, or get your Queen Elsa on with a bouquet of snowy white blooms.



Jonathan Gibson Photography

Shay Nartker Photography

Yes, snow is cold, but it’s awfully pretty in pictures! Have your photographer get a few shots in the falling snow or with fresh white powder in the background.



Shay Nartker Photography

Kortnee Kate Photography

Keep it simple and stick to a black, white, and red color scheme. It looks classic and festive at the same time.


MIX IT UP: Serve a classic cocktail, like these created by mixologist Molly Wellmann, that speaks to your style. Top to bottom: Sweet Heat, Southside, Brunswick Sour.CWW13_Party14-photosize-

Photo by Jonathan Willis

Photo by Jonathan Willis

Get the party going with a signature cocktail or two and wacky photo booth props.



Photo: Mary Beth Tyson

RELAX: Be sure to steal a moment away from the scene.

Photo by Jonathan Willis

The holidays are open season for glamour, so go all out with sequins, feathers, and rhinestones and party to your heart’s content!

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