Pork, chicken, avocado, radish, onions, hominy, and beans warm up Mazunte’s posole

Photographs by Jeremy Kramer

Say it with me: “wa-HAW-kuh.” No matter how you pronounce the Oaxaca region of southern Mexico that inspires Mazunte owner Josh Wamsley, it’s the commitment to freshness—inspired by street vendors and village grandmothers—that keeps the tables full. Corn is the crux of Mazunte’s appeal. It takes many forms: As elotes, seared in the husk and slathered with lime juice and chipotle mayo—a creamy foil for the bitter char. As hominy, nestled in a comforting posole stew, with avocado, pork, chicken, and radish. And finally, pounded on a comal and fried up as large chips to be dipped into one of four salsas (pico de gallo, tomatillo-heavy salsa verde, a fiery salsa picante, and a roasted tomato version) made fresh daily. And then there are the tacos: sangria-marinated skirt steak with pickled red onion, beer battered mahi-mahi tossed with a mango salsa, or shredded pork with plenty of avocado salsa and pomegranate seeds.

CM_MAR15_FEATURE_T10_MAZ4An alternative is just go for the combo platter and cast decision fatigue to the wind. Self-service margaritas rely on the honor system, an idea so civilized it should be standard practice everywhere. Seasonal agua fresca and Mexican Coke are also available. In fact, the only decision you won’t struggle with at Mazunte is whether to come back. It’s only a matter of when.

5207 Madison Rd., Madisonville, (513) 785-0000,

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