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Best Restaurants 2015


Our advice: Abandon all pretense of restraint and opt for the six-ounce Filet Boca, topped with king crab and plenty of textbook-perfect sauce béarnaise.

Metropole Brings It In-House

Executive Chef Jared Bennett's menu is inventive and primarily locally sourced with a prophetic zeal for making everything but the cocktail napkins in house.


There are five bridges that cross the river into Northern Kentucky. Pick one and make your way to Bouquet posthaste.

Abigail Street Brings the Baklava

The generously portioned, shareable-plate setup is a boon for diners—having to settle on just one or two dishes here would be dreadful.


Say it with me: “wa-HAW-kuh.” No matter how you pronounce the Oaxaca region of southern Mexico that inspires Mazunte owner Josh Wamsley, it’s the commitment to freshness—inspired by street vendors and village grandmothers—that keeps the tables full.

Red Feather

Historically peasant-grade cuts of meat get the full Pygmalion treatment at Red Feather in Oakley.


This ability to layer flavors without upstaging the ingredients is what makes Salazar’s solo debut such a chart topper.

Amma’s Dosas It Up

Amma’s may be a humble kitchen in a neighborhood still yearning for transition, but like any good mama’s joint, the sauce is steeped with comfort in mind.