Fulcher 2 Stay Podcast: Not Bad, Andy


Another year, another beginning to the 16-course sampler platter that precedes the main entrée of postseason disappointment served to sad fans of the Cincinnati Bengals each year. (Just kidding! We are sure this year will be entirely different. Time is not a flat circle. Things can change. Repeat this mantra every time the Bengals disappoint you, you dear, sweet Bengals fans. ) The fighting C.J. Uzomahs defeated the Jets on the NFL’s first Sunday of the season in a game that showed Andy Dalton can be good (and not just competent) without a full arsenal of weapons. He may have gotten eaten alive by the Jets defensive line in the process, but for a man that has been accused before of not handling pressure too well in the past, Dalton didn’t let the relentless pass rush upset his timing. We recap the good and bad from the win before looking ahead to the 4th edition of the Fulcher 2 Stay Podcast Bowl: Steelers vs. Bengals.


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