Good Luck: Week 15 NFL Picks

Last week, I went 9-7, putting me back on the right side of .500 for the year by one game. It was a better week for me than for the Bengals, who blew a large fourth quarter against the Texans to lose 20-19. Now, the Bengals will need the teams ahead of them to slip up in order to reach the playoffs. For those of you crying into your Cheerios, I’d like to point out that before the season started, you thought the team would win roughly four games all year. Even in the Bengals miss the playoffs, this season has been a pleasant surprise, and the future is bright. On to the Week 15 picks, in which I try to pick as many 6.5-point favorites as possible:

Jaguars (+12.5) over Falcons
Cowboys (-6.5) over Buccaneers
Packers (-14.5) over Chiefs
Seahawks (+3.5) over Bears
Titans (-6.5) over Colts
Bills (+1.5) over Dolphins
Texans (-6.5) over Panthers
Giants (-6.5) over Redskins
Saints (-6.5) over Vikings
Lions (-0.5) over Raiders
Cardinals (-6.5) over Browns
Jets (+3.5) over Eagles
Patriots (-6.5) over Broncos
Chargers (+2.5) over Ravens
Steelers (+2.5) over 49ers

Bengals (-6.5) over Rams — Well, if the Bengals want to keep even the slightest playoff hopes alive, they absolutely have to beat the Rams. After seeing St. Louis get undressed by the Seahawks on Monday night, I don’t think that will be any problem. I’ll say Bengals 27, Rams 13

Record in Week 12: 9-7
Record overall: 97-96-2
Record picking Bengals games against the spread: 7-6
Record picking Bengals games straight up: 7-6

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