5 Questions With Thomas Howard – The Eagles

5 Questions With Thomas Howard – The Eagles
Bengals linebacker Thomas Howard attempts to keep his 100% winning record on game analysing going, while filling us in on which Bengal would make the best 007 and letting us know who’d play him in a movie…
1. Who plays you in the movie of your life?

David Oyelowo would play me in my younger years and Terry Crews would take over as an adult.

2. Who really makes you laugh?

The funniest standup ever is Eddie Murphy “Raw.”

3. What’s the key to the game against the Eagles?

Turnovers are always such a key factor in determining the outcome on Sundays. Redzone and 3rd Down efficiency will also be critical. Being the best in these three facets of the game and running the ball with success are the keys to victory.

4. Who’s the key player on the Eagles?

I think it’s Bryce Brown. When he takes care of the ball it allows the Eagles to have a balanced offensive attack and makes them a better team.

5. Which Bengal would make the best secret agent?

#93 Mike Johnson can find out anything about anyone in minutes. If I needed a carfax report on someone, I would call Mike.

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