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How the Ludlow Garage Transformed Cincinnati’s Youth Culture

The Ludlow Garage opened 50 years ago this month and transformed Cincinnati's youth culture.

Don Poynter Built a Novelty Empire As One of Cincinnati’s First Makers

Don Poynter built a business on jokey (sometimes naughty, often weird) gift products. Now some of those are in the collections of Cincinnati Museum Center.

This Jayne Mansfield-Shaped Hot-Water Bottle is Weird and Awesome

A local designer held the blonde bombshell in the palm of his hand.

New Mural to Honor Kenner Products and Cincinnati’s Toy Design Heritage

Kenner Products, the Cincinnati company that introduced such enduring toys as the Star Wars figurines, Easy Bake Oven, the Bubbl-Matic Gun and Strawberry Shortcake dolls, is returning to the city it left in 2000. As a mural in ArtWorks’ Cincinnati Heritage series, that is.

This Guy Has Like 500 Vintage Star Wars Toys in His Basement

Kenner Products hit lightspeed when it unveiled its original line of Star Wars action figures in the late ’70s, turning legions of fans into fanatics. Nearly four decades later, on the eve of yet another installment of the film franchise, that old force is still going strong.

Syd Lives!

Fred Melamed as Syd Nathan.

The Ohio Roots of Freedom Summer

The little-known but crucial role Oxford played in the civil rights struggle.

Have Menu…Will Time Travel

A short visual history of dining out in the Queen City.

Also Moshed Zarathustra

At Sycamore High School, they turn their cellos (and the bass and violins) up to 11.