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O Brother, Where Art Thou? The End of the Palmer Era

Oh, Jordan. With his release by the Bengals last week, the team cut ties with the man who during the NFL lockout acted as the team’s next leader, organizing makeshift practices with the playbook put together by new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, himself a man living in his brother’s shadow. Detached from Carson, whom he only addressed as a “former teammate,” the younger Palmer seemed to actually believe he was the heir apparent to the starting role—like it was a pair of Toughskins his mother gave him once Carson outgrew them.

Mike Brown and the letter that changed the course of human—well, Bengals—history

He writes that architecture is “a challenging profession, requiring talent and technical mastery, but not one with which I have much experience.” A law degree, he tells me, “is always useful in our litigious society, but, since it is a post-graduate field of study, you do not have to commit to it yet.”

Game Changer: Hal McCoy

What can you say about a highly esteemed, exceptionally insightful, legally blind sportswriter? They don't make 'em lie that any more.