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Q&A: The Last Living Doolittle Raider

The Jimmy Doolittle raid, 75 years ago this spring and immortalized in the movie Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, punctured Japan’s confidence and, back home in America, helped to ease the pain and anger of Pearl Harbor.

What’s Next For the Old Peters Cartridge Factory?

If Ken Schon gentrifies the old Peters Cartridge Factory will the buyers come?

Looking Back at the Building of the Roebling Suspension Bridge

It took a boatload of perseverance, forethought, innovation, and dogged determination before John A. Roebling laid the first stone of his magnificent suspension bridge. One hundred and fifty years later, we’re still marveling at this icon of engineering genius and beauty, and the man who built it.

American Pharoah is America’s Next Bachelor

The Triple Crown winner has retired to a stud farm in Kentucky, and life is very good.

The Paint Whisperer

Who knows what secrets lurk in the heart of a 600-year-old piece of art? Serena Urry knows.

Attack of the Drones

A few bright aerospace engineers at U.C. are doing a lot to test the sky’s limits.

Hot Shoppes: Loveland Station is on the Rise

The work-live-play concept continues to blitz suburbia. Next stop: Loveland Station!

Two-Wheel Dreams

When it comes to sharing the road with bikes, Cincinnati is not Amsterdam. Yet.

Mars No Go

Scott Stoll, a 44-year-old Northside resident, wanted to be one of the first people on Mars. He hoped his ticket to the Red Planet was aboard a Mars One spaceship.

Scott Stoll Wants To Go To Mars. And Never Come Back.

What will it take to mount the first manned mission to Mars? Scott Stoll is hoping to find out.