Winter is Coming

Idina Menzel is singing “Let It Go” to the farthest corners of the earth.

Glamorous a life as it may seem, even Disney-animated, Broadway-starring, Billboard-charting breakout stars have to shop for groceries. “I’m in a Whole Foods,” says Idina Menzel, on the eve of her first world concert tour. “I leave tomorrow for Korea, so I’m grabbing some food for my son in case he doesn’t like the snacks over there.” Last-minute errands notwithstanding, Menzel’s already accomplished career exploded in 2013 thanks to the success of Disney’s Academy Award–winning Frozen, in which she provided vocals for the character of Queen Elsa and the über-hit song “Let It Go.” Menzel’s pre-Frozen talent was no secret—she won a Tony Award for her role in Broadway’s Wicked in 2004—but it was the movie’s $1.27-billion worldwide box office that sparked this year’s 53-city international tour, which stops at PNC Pavilion on August 18. “It’s a little bit of everything,” says Menzel of the performances. “Having crossed over from Broadway into the pop world, it gives me permission to try different genres.” It also means more opportunities for fans to sing out “Let It Go” in her general direction, which one assumes can get pretty annoying. “No comment,” says Menzel with a laugh. “I really do love it all. Anytime someone comes up to me about ‘Let It Go,’ it’s usually a video of a cute kid singing. I don’t get sick of that. It changed my life.”

Aug 18, Riverbend Music Center,

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