The Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra Joins the Main Stage


In May 31, 1978, teenage violinist and concertmaster Stacey Woolley performed alongside the pros at Music Hall. It was the first concert of its kind: The CSO invited its younger counterpart, the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra, to perform side-by-side for Music Hall’s centennial celebration.

This month, Woolley will perform in the CSO-CSYO joint concert again—now on the grown-up side of the fence. Ninety-nine potential members of our orchestral future will sit alongside him.

The side-by-side performance features the CSYO Philharmonic, the most advanced group, made up of some of the region’s most talented ninth- through 12th-graders and representing more than 30 high schools.

“I ask alumni about their most memorable experience,” says CSO Ensembles and Musician Training Coordinator Carol Dary Dunevant. “Most say these side-by-side concerts.” It’s not just the chance to perform, either; rehearsing with some of the world’s best musicians gives students the chance to ask questions, seek advice, and simply observe. Even the small details, like when someone clears a valve or how they watch their music, can make a big impact. “It’s a true mentorship,” Dunevant says.

April 26, 10:30 am, P&G Hall at Aronoff Center,

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