Sound of the City

Sound of the City

On February 12, Musician “Uncle” Dave Lewis and Indiana University’s Patrick Feaster discuss Cincinnati’s Ohio Phonograph Company at the downtown public library. Five reasons to go:

1. Home Team 
The OPC was an industry pioneer, hitting it big in the 1890s, at the dawn of recorded sound.

2. Destination 
Back then, listening to a record meant leaving the house and going somewhere. OPC’s innovation was phonograph arcades, sort of like video arcades with jukebox machines, each able to play one tune. 

3. Mano a Mono 
Founder James Andem got into a brutal legal battle with Thomas Edison. Find out who was Batman and who was the Joker in this contest.

4. Hearing Eyes  
Patrick Feaster can reveal what a lost, early recording sounded like with only a picture of the recording! 

5. Comic Gold 
He’ll play one of OPC’s best-selling artist Pat Brady’s un-PC “Irishman” monologues.

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