Hot Ticket: Serials! at Know Theatre


Perhaps you’ve heard of a little podcast called Serial. That’s not what this is. But the idea is there—that is, a story told in a compelling episodic format. Except these episodes happen on a theater stage. Serials!, which started at the Know Theatre in the summer of 2014, stages 15-minute installments of five brand new plays, all written, directed, and acted by local talent. The program is designed to foster repeat audiences who develop real attachments to the characters—just like its television and podcasting peers (Team Adnan!). The newest and fourth iteration, Thunderdome 2: Beyond Thunder, even allows audience members to vote on which three of the five plays will continue on to the next round. Each one is effectively focus-tested every two weeks from early February to early April, meaning the cast and crew can respond in relative real time to audience reactions. Some shows, like 2015’s Andy’s House of [blank], have graduated to full-length productions on Know Theatre’s Main Stage. Here’s your chance to nab a “producer” credit on the next one.

Opens Feb 8, Know Theatre,

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