Bunbury 2015 Countdown: 5 Videos in 5 Days




In anticipation of this weekend’s Bunbury Music Festival, we’re posting a music video every day this week of one of the artists performing this weekend. To see the rest of the videos, click here.

Welcome to Tame Impala Tuesday, featuring the trippy “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” video from 2012’s Lonerism—which feels kind of like watching an episode of The Magic School Bus while on acid (one would assume). Tame Impala is scheduled to perform Friday at 8:45 on the Sawyer Point Stage. (And don’t worry: they’re Australian, so their use of “backwards” as an adverb is grammatically acceptable. I’m sure it was bothering you too.)

I know that you think you’ve set sail when you call my name / But I get it inside my head all day.”

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