Bicycle Card Decks Have Something for Everyone

Not to mention, they’re headquartered right here in Cincinnati.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

Lest you think computer solitaire and electronic poker have destroyed the market for real decks of cards, the U.S. Playing Card Company, which moved to Erlanger from Norwood in 2009, will happily prove you wrong. Aside from euchre players, magicians, and flourishers (folks who do fancy shuffles and manipulations), collectors snatch up Bicycle-branded decks for their artistry. “They say you can’t be everything to everyone,” says product manager Elaine Sheaks, “but we kind of are.”

We’re talking to you, Fiona fans.

Inspired by the black hole, Bicycle’s Stargazer deck features an otherworldly color palette – and reflective silver foil on the case itself. $5.99,

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway


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