Waste Not, Want Not: Local Ways to Reduce Food Waste


Composting services around the region aim to reduce the amount of scraps and uneaten food reaching landfills. Here are several companies and programs that will help you do your part to fight food waste.


Located in Anderson Township, this home-based business provides quality worm castings (an organic form of fertilizer produced from earthworms) and compost collection services to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residents. Cost: $10 a month, $29 every three months, or $55 every six months.


CompostNow offers collection services in several cities, including Cincinnati. The company picks up the four-gallon bin and swaps it out for a clean container weekly or bi-weekly. Unlike most local services, the list of compostables includes meat and dairy. Cost: $19-$39 a month.

Findlay Market Residential Composting Program

Shoppers can rent five-gallon containers from the Market for at-home use and then drop off their food waste as part of the Greening the Market Sustainability Program. Cost: $10 a month or $55 for six months.


A nonprofit based in London, Ohio, GoZERO helps consumers organize composting “stations” (64-gallon bins) across the state. Local stations include Rooted Juicery in Oakley, Mad Llama Coffee in Madisonville, and Melink Corporation in Milford. Cost: $10 a month plus one-time $20 bucket and lid delivery fee.

Local Compost

This Burlington- based company of- fers pick-up compost services throughout Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati as well as a drop-off option at Covington’s Redden Gardens, turning the composted materials into nutrient-rich soil, a portion of which is offered back to the customer at no charge. Cost: $25 a month.

Queen City Commons

QCC’s Compost Drop-Off Program, which operates drop-off sites in a variety
of neighborhoods, including Walnut Hills, Over-the-Rhine, and Northside, provides Cincinnatians with an affordable residential composting option that offers daily access to compost collection bins. Cost: A sliding scale of between $5 and $15 a month.

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