Turn Your Heirloom Stones Into A Stunning Wedding Ring

Richter & Phillips Jewelers can help you turn your vintage heirloom stones into stunning custom wedding rings.

Illustration by Zachary Ghaderi

So great-grandma’s wedding ring hasn’t seen the outside of a jewelry box since the inheritance? It may be time to make it your own. But if you’re serious about incorporating vintage diamonds or other gems into a custom wedding or engagement ring, then there are some things to keep in mind: Make sure the jeweler doing the work does a thorough check of the item’s condition before starting the project so there are no unpleasant surprises. This is for their sake and yours, explains Eric Fehr, vice president of Richter & Phillips Jewelers, which has operated in downtown Cincinnati since 1896.

The Fehr family knows their way around an engagement ring and will consult on the best plan for your heirloom. And if the item turns out to be too delicate for your original idea, then don’t be afraid to get creative: “Maybe instead of a ring, which will see more wear and tear,” Fehr says, “you can customize a pair of earrings.”

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