Tuba Baking Co. Makes Pizza With Pretzel Dough and We Love It

Drew Rath’s German pizza-like flatbread makes the most of his heritage dough.

Photograph by Dustin Sparks

Much like Drew Rath’s artisanal Swabian-style soft pretzels, the flammkuchen (flahm-koo-ken) at his recently opened Tuba Baking Co. storefront is an ode to his German roots. Following the lead of German bakers on the Alsace border who invented the pizza-like flatbread with on-hand ingredients, Rath uses leftover pretzel sourdough. The thinly rolled dough is topped with crème fraîche, super-fine onion slices, Swiss cheese, and Black Forest ham before going into a blazing-hot oven. He has to go a bit farther for the ham, but it’s worth it, he says (we agree), importing it straight from Deutschland. The pie has a crispy-edged crust with a chewy center, the dairy tames the smokiness of the cured meat, and the onions complement the whole thing.

Tuba Baking Co., 212 W. Pike St., Covington

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