Tsaocaa, Holy Land of Tea, Is Worth The Pilgrimage

The specialty shop in Sharonville is a tea drinker’s delight.

Amid a string of Asian and Indian restaurants along Lebanon Road near I-275 is Tsaocaa, a specialty drink shop known for its inventive tea combos. Pronounced “sow cha,” the name is Chinese for “a holy land of tea,” which is an apt moniker—it’s a pilgrimage getting out to Sharonville from points farther south, but it’s worth it. The tea is brewed daily, and if you’re looking for something with a little texture, you can get the fruit and milk teas chock full of fresh fruits, sweet beans, and boba. (For example, the passionfruit lime green tea comes with slices of lime and orange, passionfruit, and white coconut jellies.) Mix and match to create a flavor all your own.

Tsaocaa, 11974 Lebanon Rd., Ste. 108, Sharonville, (513) 386-9641, tsaochaoh.com

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