Tips to Save on Your Bathroom Remodel

Handy tips on remodeling your bathroom.

Not sure if you should buy new or rehab when it comes to bathroom fixtures? Check out handy these tips for your next renovation project.

Photograph courtesy Heather Verst

Toilets should be bought new, and not just for the “ick” factor. Older ones, even in those fabulous mid-century pastel colors, may still be functional but are also lower to the ground and round-seated rather than today’s standard size. New ones aren’t expensive and should last for as long as you live in your house. If you want to get fancy, try Keidel Supply (Bond Hill, Westwood) or Signature Hardware (Ft. Mitchell). 

Faucets should always be bought new. Too often a secondhand one will leak or you may not find supply lines to match it; Noel’s Plumbing Supply (Evendale) is a great place for hard-to-find styles. Tubs, tub surrounds, and shower stalls should be store-bought unless you want, say, an antique cast-iron soaker; those can be had for $100 or less online or at Building Value (Northside), and reglazing runs about $350. 

As for bathroom sinks, pedestal versions can be had for a song at any of Habitat for Humanity’s five area ReStore locations, but remember that your plumbing has to be hidden behind that slim stem. A sink set in a vanity is often a better choice, and those can be had used at Cincinnati ReUse Center (Fairmount) and online, especially Facebook Marketplace.

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