This Flaming Cocktail Is the Perfect Drink to Share with Friends

Kaze’s Scorpion Bowl throws it back to the post-war tiki craze—everything old is new again.

Photograph by Dustin Sparks

Don’t tell millennials, but this new punch bowl–sized Scorpion Bowl they’re sipping from is yet another commandeered fad that’s been resurrected from the past and made new specifically for them…and, well, their Instagram followers.

For Joe Lanni, co-owner of Thunderdome Restaurant Group, it was just buzzy enough to add to the drink menu of Kaze, which his company purchased and overhauled this summer. It was the kind of experience he wanted to share from his college days—though it originates from the postwar mid-century tiki craze, revived in recent years. The supremely fruity shareable 32-ounce cocktail comprises pineapple and lime juice, simple syrup, three types of rum (light, spiced, and Jamaican pot still), and velvet falernum liqueur.

Kaze & 36 Chambers, 1400 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 898-7991

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