The Best Greasy Breakfast Joints That Will Kick Your Hangover to the Curb

Over-indulging on adult beverages can happen to the best of us. And we all know that the usual banana or quick-grab granola bar doesn’t cut the mustard the following morning. Here’s a round up of a few ideas to get you the grease you need for the morning after.

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1. The Pepper Pod: This non-stop greasy spoon never closes, so you technically don’t have to sleep it off: just roll on in. You’ve got to get your slab of goetta here, but don’t be surprised if the second hand smoke leaves you gasping for an iron lung.
703 Monmouth Street, Newport (859) 431-7455

2. The Blue Jay: The coffee is strong enough to peel paint off the walls and the breakfast special of two eggs, toast, hash browns, and a side of meat is value, old-school style. FYI, the double-decker sandwiches are a noted Northside gem.
4154 Hamilton Avenue, Northside (513) 541-0847

3. The Original Pancake House: The basic buttermilk cakes are good, but the addition of chocolate chips will send your sugar levels skyrocketing. And don’t even get us started on the Dutch Babies. If you hit this Montgomery location, try to resist the urge to steal the coffee mugs.
9977 Montgomery Road, Montgomery (513) 745-0555,

4. The Echo: Perhaps a bit more posh than the previous, this Hyde Park diner does a mean Corned Beef Hash. Don’t be deterred by all the egg whites and oatmeal. There’s plenty of soul in this kitchen and the service couldn’t be more warm and friendly.
3510 Edwards Road, Hyde Park, (513) 321-2816,  

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