The Eclectic Bites of Cincy Gourmet Deli

An unassuming takeout spot by UC with a long menu of top-notch sandwiches.
Cincy Gourmet Deli’s Reuben sandwich.


Settled directly across from the University of Cincinnati, Cincy Gourmet Deli juggles diverse cuisines. American deli classics like tuna salad, hot-pressed paninis, and Reubens share the menu with Mexican and Mediterranean favorites ranging from quesadillas to falafel. It’s the perfect place to go when you don’t know what you want. If the Nashville hot chicken sandwich doesn’t tempt you, maybe a fresh Greek salad will.

The chicken shawarma wrap (with pickles and garlic mayo, in a flour tortilla) offers some of the tastiest shawarma in the city. The deli makes the filling in-house, and it doesn’t cut corners. There’s a shocking amount of chicken in each wrap, a savory blend of light and dark meat with tons of flavor and minimal grease. Pickles add a refreshing crunch and the garlic mayo brings it all together.

A great meal deserves a great dessert, and the deli’s baked treats range from baklava to carrot cake. If you like coffee, though, there’s only one choice—the tiramisu. Light, fluffy cake blends seamlessly with generous layers of cream. It’s delicate but not too sweet, and the espresso notes sing through each bite. Don’t worry if you’re too full for a slice right away. Desserts come individually packaged and safe to save for later, so they pair well with leftovers.

Cincy Gourmet Deli, 2832 Jefferson Ave., Corryville, (513) 221-8888

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