The Address: 307 Wanoka Woods

A hidden contemporary in traditional Terrace Park.

Photograph by William Manning

A short walk from the landmark St. Thomas Episcopal Church, the 1970s-era Wanoka Woods subdivision is something of an anomaly for Terrace Park, which is known more for its historic homes. And yet, nestled on a wooded lot alongside the Little Miami River, this contemporary home successfully pays homage at every turn to the waters it sits beside.

Despite its relative youth—the house is only 40 years old—307 Wanoka Woods still has a somewhat pedigreed past. According to the Terrace Park Building Survey, its original owner was Dick Bowman, mayor of Terrace Park for a year in the 1980s. In addition, after an extensive series of renovations in 2000, the home was featured on the 2005 Terrace Park Historical Society’s Generation Renovation House Tour.

Inside, virtually every room in the house is fitted with floor-to-ceiling windows and therefore, views of the river. Outside, the gentle splashing of a terraced pond and waterfall welcome visitors, while a wraparound deck, screened porch, second story sun deck, and treehouse-style balcony off the master suite ensure that the two worlds blend seamlessly.

Photograph by William Manning

“It’s kind of like you’re on vacation when you live here,” says agent Ogle Annett, who handled the listing for owner Judy Deeter when the home was on the market earlier this fall. Canoeing, kayaking, and fishing are all just steps away—literally (there are steps down to the river on the property). There’s an entrance to the Little Miami bike trail just up the street as well.


Photograph by William Manning

Of course, the Norman Rockwell-esque lifestyle that Terrace Park affords was a selling point. “Kids hop on bikes, they go home for lunch,” says Annett. “There really isn’t another community just like it.”

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