Thanksgiving By The Numbers


Think your Thanksgiving meal is a big deal?
Check out the annual Thanksgiving buffet that Chef Todd Kelly of Orchids at Palm Court oversees.

Number of guests: 1,100
Number of slow roasted turkeys: 35
Total pounds of turkey: 700
Pounds of traditional sage stuffing: 130
Number of prime rib roasts: 30
Total pounds of beef: 380
Pounds of fresh fish: 200
Pounds of crab claws: 150
Pounds of shrimp: 150
Pounds of smoked salmon: 80
Pounds of potatoes ordered: 700
Pounds of prepared mashed potatoes: 400
Pounds of prepared sweet potatoes: 300
Number of house-made rolls: 800
Number of house-made biscuits: 200
Pounds of butter ordered: 272
Number of pies: 100
Number of whole cakes: 100
Number of cupcakes: 400
Number of chocolate covered strawberries: 500
Number of miniature pastries: 4,000
Cases of cut fruit: 15
Ice carvings: 2
Number of kitchen staff: 35
Number of hours worked: 350 for Thanksgiving day alone
Number of service staff: 35
Where leftovers go: Freestore Foodbank
What time Chef Kelly goes home: 7pm

What: Thanksgiving Day Buffet

Where: Orchids at Palm Court, Hilton Netherland, 35 West Fifth St., (513) 421-9100

When: Thursday November 22, 11am – 5pm.

$45.95 adults; $38.95 seniors 65+; $23.95 children 5-12

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