Terror Town Is Serving Up Spooky Eats

Some of the Williamsburg, Ohio, horror destination’s foodstuffs are downright frightening—in a good way.

For those who felt like spooky season came and went a little too quickly this year, Terror Town hasn’t closed down yet. You still have two more weekends to take in this festival full of ghosts and ghouls where Halloween never quits. Before you get the pants scared off of you on the haunted trail, try some of the scary noshes the town has to offer.

Photograph by Naomi Heckman

From two-pound chocolate skulls to candy ears (yes, ears), Chocolate Treasures is a playground for your sweet tooth. In addition to hot cocoa, ciders, and coffee, owner/creator Naomi Heckman has a wide array of treats that look almost too gruesome to enjoy. She runs her candy business out of her home year-round up in Howard, Ohio, but says she loves Halloween at Terror Town because it’s where she gets to be the most creative. But consider yourself warned: her realistic-looking ears, fingers, hearts and brains—all with a surprise filling—might make you queasy before they make you hungry. “I like to give people something they haven’t seen anywhere else before,” Heckman says. “I look forward to their reactions when they see it for the first time.”

Caleb Hill Concessions runs the two restaurants that book end Terror Town—Old House Eatery and Three Amigos Cafe. While Three Amigos serves up your typical Tex Mex fare (quesadillas, tacos, and platters of rice and refried beans), Old House specializes in bar food like loaded fries and pulled-pork sandwiches. You can also try one of the specialty chilis—antelope and elk chili, anyone?—or go with the fan favorite, the rattlesnake chili. It’s made from rattlesnake meat, which is flown in weekly from a company in California, mixed with hamburger, beans, and spices. It may seem a little intimidating, says Caleb Hill Concessions Owner Brett Hayes, but everyone loves it. “Even after mixing, there’s enough rattlesnake in it that you can see it and taste it,” he notes.

On second thought, maybe you should wait until after you’ve gone on the haunted trail to try these dishes.

Terror Town runs through Saturday, Nov. 14, 1449 Greenbush Cobb Rd., Williamsburg, (513) 304-0444, www.allhallowsevellc.com

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