Style Counsel: Polished and Pulled Together for Shawn Frost

The Guest Services Supervisor at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber used to be a serious sneakerhead. Now he’s drawn to suits.

Occupation: Guest Services Supervisor, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
Style: Low-key, but polished

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

How has your style evolved since college?
I think I owned 80 to 100 pairs of shoes. Now I own nine [pairs of ] sneakers, three boots, and two pairs of loafers.

What changed?
I just thought, Who am I dressing for? I’m not a little boy anymore. You can get what looks flashy, but it’s only sustainable for so long. You may as well just be you. And it was anxiety-inducing. You always see something else that you like better. I had this revelation: I’m wearing this $300 pair of sneakers, and they’re not even all that comfortable. So you have to dial back.

Where did you pick up your current sense of style?
My dad growing up, he always looked good. My step-dad could be flashy but subtle at the same time. And a gentleman by the name of Harry Mundy. He was head of security in my building, and he always had on the nicest suits. Super fly and they fit very well. I’m 6’5″; he was 6’5″, and as he was transitioning out of the workplace, he handed me a suit. I put it on like, Oh this is nice! It felt great.

How do you think your style will evolve?
I’ll probably incorporate a hat somewhere down the line, like when I get older. I just feel like that’s the thing to do.

Are you a big shopper?
I window shop all the time. It’s a dangerous habit to get rid of stuff and then go buy something else. I’m stepping back from that and looking at my wardrobe like, I like what I have. And that’s kind of synonymous with life.

What would you never get rid of?
Both pairs of my Wu-Tang Wallabees. And for some reason I have not gotten rid of my Air Max 90 Infrareds. I have no idea why; they would have fetched me a nice price. And my He Got Game Air Jordans 13. For sentimental value.

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