Proud Hound Coffee Is Not Going to the Dogs

This Silverton roaster hopes you’ll sit and stay once you taste its ethically sourced beans.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

A dignified doggo sits on the face of each of Proud Hound Coffee’s bags, clad in a bright patchwork of orange, blue, pink, red, and yellow, containing one of four coffees from co-op farms in Mexico, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil, respectively. The motto “Dignity for All,” emblazoned on the back, is more than just a catchphrase to leadership team Daniel Smith (co-owner), Brian Smith (co-owner), Carl Arvidson, and David Holman. It’s something they believe should start at the source, which means working closely with farmers and sourcing the beans ethically. “They are heavily invested in [their] region[s],” says Daniel Smith. “We feel really good just from that standpoint.”

The team has earned its stripes in the coffee world, so enriching the careers of others in the industry is important to them. “We want to make sure that everyone is cared for here at Proud Hound,” Holman says. A café is tentatively slated to open this summer at the roastery, and the group is working toward Specialty Coffee Association certification to allow them to teach SCA courses and bring knowledge directly to employees.

Proud Hound Coffee, 6717 Montgomery Rd., Silverton

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