Six New Beers To Try Post-Dry January

If you’re fresh off a month of reset, there are several new craft brews waiting to be taste-tested.

Cincinnati’s vigorous ecosystem of breweries delivers new gems for beer lovers all the time. Fresh off the heels of Dry January, there are several new craft brews waiting to be taste-tested. Here are six new local releases for you to try. 

Sweet cinnamon rolls from Maker’s Bakers Co. are worked into the brewing process in this limited breakfast bock.

Photograph courtesy Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom

Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Bock, Sam Adams x Makers Bakers Co. 

This sweet neighborhood collaboration is a bock that pulled inspiration from legends of bock-style beers’ customary origins, which are said to have been developed by monks to help them sustain fasts. To make the beer a perfect candidate to break a fast, Makers Bakers’s cinnamon rolls will be worked into the brewing process—a classic sweet breakfast item. The beer will be released a week ahead of Bockfest and will be available only at Sam Adams Cincinnati Taproom.

Wrath of Bjorn, Listermann Brewing

This English inspired barleywine is made with Marris Otter and English crystal malts. Vesting flavors of sweet cherries, caramel and toffee, a sip of this beer is sure to be a fierce one. 

Listermann Brewing

G.I.L., West Side Brewing 

Cincinnati’s Irish and German heritage marry in this new lager by West Side Brewing. Incorporating a malt blend inspired by an Irish red ale and an in-house German lager yeast, this seasonal lager sports an intensely amber tint and traces of caramel and toffee. 

Coffee Table, MadTree Brewing

Coffee Table is back on the table. To ring in the new year, MadTree relaunched this seasonal favorite made with lactose and Deeper Roots. For those looking for a beer to inspire placid coziness, the coffee blonde ale’s rich and creamy flavors will make you feel right at home. 

Conspirator Doppelbock, Northern Row Brewery

Conspirator Doppelbock is the first release out of Northern Row Brewery’s new Offender series, a collection of beers alleged to be limited in number and a little devious. This strong and full lager infuses notes of raisins and dates with unmistakably creamy notes, making a beer full of personality and spunk. 

January Releases, Brink Brewing Company

In defiance of Dry January, Brink Brewing Company has been releasing and reintroducing beers every Friday of the month in anticipation of their Sixth Anniversary Weekend February 17–19. With releases ranging from the light and sweet Toasted Coconut Moozie to the stout and refined Oak Aged Barleywine and beyond, the month of January has been littered with excitement at this brewery.

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