Rusk Kitchen & Bar Makes Sandwiches You’ll Remember

The menu at this Walnut Hills joint doesn’t have many twists, but it’ll be the spot you remember the next time friends suggest dinner and drinks.

The relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff at Rusk Kitchen + Bar make sandwiches an event. The menu doesn’t feature a lot of twists, but everything has a thoughtful touch and top ingredients, like housemade pickles or meat from local farms. It’s food you’ll remember the next time friends suggest dinner and drinks.

If you’re a chicken sandwich fan, consider Rusk’s Animal Farm (buttermilk fried chicken breast, applewood bacon, Hatch chile pimento cheese, bibb lettuce, house pickles, and roasted garlic aioli on toasted brioche). The salty batter bursts with flavor and preserves juicy chicken while the vegetables add a fresh snap—bacon makes a worthy crown.

The Fried Grouper Po’ Boy (deep fried grouper, bibb lettuce, tomato, house pickles, and lemon caper aioli) is a lord among fish sandwiches. Flaky, peppery batter delivers a contrasting crunch to the delicate white fish, locking in the moisture to keep each bite soft. While the batter is a little on the salty side, the crisp lettuce and fresh tomato balance it well. The house pickles are nearly as good as the grouper and add just the right cut of vinegar to the mix.

Rusk’s crinkle fries live up to the side’s true potential. Golden, crispy, and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, they don’t go overboard, but you won’t want to share. Order accordingly.

Rusk Kitchen + Bar, 2724 Woodburn Ave., E. Walnut Hills, (513) 221-7875,

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