Restaurants That Can Meet Your Congee Needs

Cozy up with the ultimate Asian comfort food this fall.

Cozy up with the ultimate Asian comfort food this fall.



Congee, a type of rice porridge eaten in many Asian countries, is made by boiling rice with plenty of water until it breaks down into a pudding-like consistency. The flavor possibilities are endless as sweet and savory ingredients can be added for the rice to soak up as it cooks. If you’re too much of a novice (or simply don’t have the time) to make your own congee, you can stop by these local restaurants to fix your cravings.

Pho Lang Thang
Known for the popular Vietnamese soup pho, Pho Lang Thang offers two congee options to choose from: chào ga (chicken congee) with house-made chicken broth, chicken breast, onions, cilantro and fish sauce or chào nam (mushroom congee) with house-made vegan broth, onions, cilantro and ginger. Come for the pho, stay for the congee. 1828 Race St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 376-9177

Uncle Yip’s
If you’re a fan of Uncle Yip’s dim sum, you’ve probably seen its congee listed at the bottom of its menu among the dim sum specials. The restaurant’s pork congee is served with a preserved egg (also known as a century egg). The process of preserving eggs takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months and involves soaking the egg in a saline solution, giving it a strong, salty flavor. The process of consuming it is much shorter. 10736 Reading Rd. #2529, Evendale, (513) 733-8484

Great Tang
At Great Tang, you can get fancy and order your congee with lobster or keep it simple with pork and preserved egg congee. The yolk of the preserved egg turns into a creamy, cheese-like texture and the white of the egg turns into a dark-colored jelly. 7340 Kingsgate Way, West Chester, (513) 847-6097

Grand Oriental
Located in northern Cincinnati’s suburbs, Grand Oriental has been serving traditional Cantonese dim sum for more than 30 years. In Cantonese culture, congee is known as juk (pronounced “jook”) and here, you can get a pork version of it. 4800 Fields Ertel Rd., Mason, (513) 677-3388

The Pacific Kitchen
At The Pacific Kitchen, Chef Michael Ly spent years crafting his talents, fusing ingredients and cuisines from 12 Asian countries. Give his congee with pork and preserved egg a try and see if you can taste the geographical influences. 8300 Market Place Ln., Montgomery, (513) 898-1833

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