Ramsey’s Trailside Is Off the Beaten (Bike) Path

Although best known for its family-friendly pub food, this stop along the Loveland Bike Trail keeps an eclectic menu.

Photograph by Lance Adkins

The name doesn’t lie. Ramsey’s Trailside sits along the Little Miami State Park, also known as the Loveland Bike Trail. The restaurant’s enclosed patio, which is open year-round, offers the best views for people watching. It also provides the fun of outdoor dining without the wind, sun, and bugs interrupting lunch. Cyclists, runners, and other adventurers move through town in a steady stream, and diners can enjoy the parade through the broad windows as they wait for their meals. It makes an excellent stop for anyone who works up an appetite exploring the trail, too.

Although best known for its family-friendly pub food, Ramsey’s Trailside keeps an eclectic menu. The Kingston Salmon Plate serves up a very pretty piece of fish, a grill-marked pink fillet coated in a mango habanero rub that adds a little extra flavor without notable heat. And each bite of fish comes with friends. On top, the pineapple salsa adds some nice texture, but a lot of the dish’s most important flavors come from the sweet chili slaw at the bottom of the stack, bringing out the salmon’s savory side.

Ramsey’s menu offers healthy sides, but it’s worth pretending the potato is a vegetable rather than a starch when you’re trailside. The shoestring fries are incredible. Golden and crispy, they’re what every fast food restaurant pretends to sell in its commercials.

Ramsey’s Trailside, 200 W. Loveland Ave., Loveland, (513) 444-4763

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