Pie Hard At Findlay Market With This Local Independent Baker

Beth Hauke’s small business Happy Pies has grown from a labor of love to a full-time job.
Beth Hauke’s baking venture began the way a lot of small businesses do—with a little push from loved ones. “Over the years I had made pies for friends and family to serve at their holiday gatherings,” she says. “From there, it just kind of happened.”
“It” is Happy Pies, Hauke’s line of desserts and quiches. After taking a year off from her banking job to help an ailing family member, she jumped into baking full time. “As a teen I was fortunate enough to take a course at my school where I was taught how to make different types of pastry crust,” she recalls. “I haven’t stopped making pies since.”

Her pie crust is made with butter from a local farm, and she fills it with the freshest fruits she can find every week. Go with a classic like the cinnamon-stuffed apple crumb or cool, creamy key lime—or wait until September to try the Concord grape, which Hauke says has garnered quite a following.

You’ll find Happy Pies at Madeira Farmers’ Market this summer or year-round on the weekends at Findlay Market’s outdoor shed.

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