Overlook Lodge Pulls Off Another ‘Miracle’ With Its Christmas-Themed Transformation

Miracle, Overlook Lodge’s kitschy holiday event, is a fun way to enjoy the lights, colors, and flavors of the season.

This month, Miracle, the Christmas-themed pop-up cocktail franchise that serves holiday cocktails in a festive setting, returned to Overlook Lodge, despite the pandemic.

Photograph by Katie Fraser

“I think everyone has been pulling back this year,” says Jacob Treviño, owner and creator of Gorilla Cinema Presents, who runs Overlook Lodge and other entertainment favorites like Tokyo Kitty, Lonely Pine Steakhouse, and Video Archive. “But for us, it’s like, ‘No, let’s do 100% more.’ ”

Photograph by Katie Fraser

During the hour-long experience, each guest receives two cocktails—with menu choices such as “Bad Santa,” “Fruitcake Flip” (made with actual fruitcake!), and “Yippie Ki Yay Mother F*cker”—and one shot.

Miracle owner Greg Boehm came up with the concept in 2014 when he paused construction on his own bar in New York City and transformed the space into a holiday-themed wonderland, complete with festive drinks and decorations for a kitschy Christmas pop-up event. The concept was so well-received that other bars and establishments contacted Boehm to see if they could host the event in their own spaces. By 2016, he’d franchised Miracle and taken it global.

Treviño says creating the decorations for Miracle usually takes about three days, but this year, when so many holiday events will be canceled or scaled-down because of the pandemic, the Gorilla Cinema team took extra care to make this one special.

Photograph by Katie Fraser

They started working on decorations when the bar was closed in September. When Overlook reopened, the transformation had occurred: handmade decorations, including a cursed-looking Krampus, papered the walls and dangled from the ceiling, and more than 1,000 feet of Christmas lights had been strung throughout the space. The team also created and decorated additional panels and booths to facilitate social distancing.

Miracle runs through Dec. 27. Purchase tickets here.

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