Musician Mia Carruthers Keeps It Stylish in the Studio


Occupation: Singer, songwriter, and producer, Gwynne Sound
Style: Comfortable yet classic

How do you dress for work?

Working in a creative field, it’s really up to me how I want to dress. With certain artists I’ll dress for the project, so I’ll think about the tone of what I’m producing and try to bring that vibe into the studio with me.

Whose style inspires you?

I love classic and vintage pieces. I take a lot of inspiration from classic films, especially the styling, like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Music is also a huge influence, and I love menswear for women. Artists like Janelle Monáe and Phoebe Bridgers are always crushing it.

How does that translate into your personal style?

I never see anything and want to exactly copy it. I think, Oh, that’s an interesting way to do that, and interpret it my own way.

Where do you find one-of-kind items?

My friend Matt Joy has an amazing collection; his apartment is basically a museum of apparel. He’s a garment historian and always knows the story behind a garment. Also, Hi-Bred; I’d work there basically for trade.

Do you prefer to shop in-store or online?

Shopping online is a great way to be exposed to brands we don’t have locally. I’m also an artist on a budget, so when I can find something at a vintage shop and it’s affordable and I’m giving that item another life, that’s very special to me.

What are some items that you feel particularly connected to?

I have this Scottish wool Harris Tweed coat that I got from my friend. One night at Neon’s, back in the day, it got singed when I got too close to a fire. I was heartbroken. Then my fiancé, who’s a painter, did these paint splatters all over it for me. It’s something I thought was going to be ruined, and now it’s one of my forever pieces that I will treasure even more.

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