May is National Burger Month

Celebrate the holiday with this roundup of good burgers around Cincinnati.
Try some of the city’s best burgers during National Burger Month

Photograph by Robert via Adobe Stock

May is almost over but it’s still National Hamburger Month. Fire up the grill or dig into some of these noteworthy burgers around town:

El Jefe Double Burger 

This burger’s two four-ounce patties are given a Latin-American spin with salsa criolla, avocado, and huancaina (a traditional Peruvian cheese sauce). Served on a toasted potato bun, these ingredients add amazing spice and huge flavor. $14, Dellwood, 3204 Linwood Ave., Mt. Lookout, (513) 260-9140 

PB & Bacon Burger 

Lucky Dog Grille turns heads with its PB & Bacon Burger. This unusual-yet-satisfying combination includes creamy peanut butter, brown sugar peppered bacon, and sautéed red onions served on a pretzel roll. $14, Lucky Dog Grille, 729 Reading Rd., Mason, (513) 204-5825

Filet Mignon Burger 

Feel fancy under the neon lights and order the Filet Mignon Burger, a half pound of ground filet mignon with a veritable smorgasbord of toppings to choose from. It takes the traditional hamburger and elevates the experience with a more tender, juicy, and luxurious bite. $15.50, The Turf Club, 4618 Eastern Ave., Linwood, (513) 840-5049

Roasted Garlic Burger

What starts as a simple burger gets enhanced by one ordinary ingredient. Garlic fans will love the fresh roasted garlic that sits atop a perfectly cooked patty with mayo, lettuce, and tomato. Just make sure you have breath mints with you. $9.25, Friendly Stop, 985 Congress Ave., Glendale, (513) 771-7427

The Road Not Bacon Burger

Hangover Easy, the go-to breakfast spot for UC students after a night of drinking, has you covered with this bacon burger. It features black pepper candied bacon, caramelized onions, bacon fat fries, sharp cheddar cheese, and bacon aioli on top of an Ohio Angus smash burger. Hangover Easy, 13 W. Charlton St., Clifton, (513) 221-5400

Make Your Own Damn Burger 

The instructions are in the name. With an amazing selection of cheeses, sauces, and toppings, Milkman wants to see the customer become the chef. With single and double patty options, the sky’s the limit. Starts at $5.99, Milkman, 1106 Race St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 381-0009

The Hung-Over Burger 

Fried eggs, bacon, and cheese are staples of a classic breakfast meal. Fat Al’s slides them on top of a one-third pound of premium butcher-blend beef patty and tops it with American cheese, and red pepper bacon jam. The ultimate breakfast burger/hangover cure is a great way to start the day (if you’re starting the day after a long night). $14, Fat Al’s, 3715 Madison Rd., Oakley, (513) 444-8117

The Heater 

Head to Bones’ Burgers if you want to set your mouth on fire. With its grilled jalapeños, sautéed onions, habanero pepper sauce, and habanero cheddar cheese on top of a juicy patty, the burger is sure to clear your sinuses. If that’s not enough heat for you, order the sweet potato fries dusted with spicy seasoning as a side. $15, Bones’ Burgers, 9721 Montgomery Rd., Montgomery, (513) 407-2939

Garlic-Three Cheese

Swiss, American, mozzarella, roasted garlic, and truffle aioli combined with a burger cooked to perfection make this burger a crowd favorite at BRU. You can maximize your cheese intake by getting a side of chili cheese fries or the BRU charcuterie board. $13.50, BRU Burger Bar, 41 E. Sixth St., downtown, (513) 463-6003

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