Locally Made Honey Child Artisan Pops Are a Healthy Summertime Treat

Owners Sarah and Damien Thompson make their all-natural popsicles at Findlay Kitchen and sell them around the city.

Photograph courtesy of Damien Thompson

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones stumbled upon, like the idea for Honey Child Artisan Pops, by owners Sarah and Damien Thompson. Two years ago, while picking up their girls from school, they were blocked in on a street by an ice cream truck. They thought, Yes, we can get ice cream, but what will the rest of the day look like? Sugar rush then a big crash soon after? From there, the idea for a healthier but equally tasty option began.

Photograph courtesy of Damien Thompson

Damien, a commercial food photographer, and Sarah, a former professional dancer, artistic director at a performing arts school, and certified yoga and fitness instructor, are now in the sophomore year of Honey Child Artisan Pops, their home-grown product for the ice cream truck alternative.

After moving from Chicago to Cincinnati two years ago, Sarah and Damien joined a program at Findlay Kitchen for those wanting to start a food business. Early on, they knew health was one of the primary goals for their popsicles: “We were thinking about what the pops will do for you and vitamins you will get, but also refreshment,” Damien says. To up the health factor, they use natural sweeteners such as honey and whole blended fruit for a boost of fiber, rather than added sugars and juice and water.

Honey Child now features three “pop” categories: Play Pops, Power Pops, and Party Poptails. Play Pops include the baseline flavors associated with popsicles with some delicious curveballs like Ginger Berry and Strawberry Basil. Power Pops have all the flavor of Play Pops with added superfoods and proteins, and Party Poptails are “alcohol-infused frozen cocktails,” which are currently only available for catering. Some Poptail flavors include the blood orange Manhattan, tequila colada, and watermelon mint julep.

Photograph courtesy of Damien Thompson

Packaged Play and Power Pops are available at Clifton Market on Ludlow Avenue, at the Kenwood Whole Foods, and at various weekend markets such as Findlay Market, Newport on the Levee, Northside Farmer’s Market, and Westside Market starting September 5. Future plans include branching out to markets in Columbus, Dayton, Louisville, and Lexington, and eventually to Damien’s and Sarah’s home base of Chicago, where friends have been itching for a taste of Honey Child’s Artisan Pops.

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