King Arthur’s Court Is a Royally Awesome Experience for Cincinnati Kids

A castle-themed toy store, play area, and birthday club? Sign us up!

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

It’s always fun to take your kids to the toy store. And King Arthur’s Court is the best toy store in town. This gem is located in the heart of Oakley Square and has been the place to get toys in Cincinnati for the last 35+ years.

King Arthur’s Court makes shopping for toys an experience. You’ll find demos of practically every toy sold in the store, from train tables to Magformers to dollhouses and costumes. Kids are actually encouraged to play with the toys before you buy them, so you know you’re picking out something your kids will actually like.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

True to its name, King Arthur’s Court boasts an Arthurian theme, with purple flags, castle-brick painted walls and a realistic-looking knight waiting to greet your kids in the entrance. A few years ago, the toy titan took its Medieval theme to the next level, converting a former basement area into an appropriately named Dungeon. The Dungeon at King Arthur’s Court is a fun and free indoor play area that truly transforms this store into a land of imagination—but that’s not the only secret you’ll find here.

Recently, King Arthur’s added a birthday element to its already awesome experience. Artie’s Birthday Castle is a fun perk for Cincinnati boys and girls, letting them be kings and queens on their special day. Simply visit the website and fill out the form, and on your child’s big day, they’ll receive the (literal) key to the castle, wherein parents are encouraged to have wrapped gifts waiting. King Arthur’s also hosts birthday parties in this castle, and I can’t think of anything more thrilling for a kid. Be sure to sign up in advance so you can receive a coupon for 20 percent off any item during their birthday month.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

If you grew up in Cincinnati in the ’80s, you might remember the Johnny’s Toys Birthday Club. But a birthday castle? Sign us up!

King Arthur’s Court allows for lots of fun, imaginative play, providing hands-on entertainment for kids and plenty of inspiration for parents and grandparents, and also, you know, Santa.

King Arthur’s Court, 3040 Madison Rd., Oakley, (513) 531-4600

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