It’s How Much?

We’re bringing you a breakdown of college tuition fees, and what to plan for.

When planning for the cost of college, always check “cost of attendance” for your university. By and large, institutions are required to be transparent about their expenses, and this is where you will find a majority of what you are paying for. Here, we break down some of the most common fees.

Room and Board This includes the fees for housing as well as the cost for an all-inclusive meal plan for first-year students. If your university requires first-year students to live on campus, a meal plan will be required, but if living on campus is optional, the purchase of a meal plan and what level you choose is optional.

Course Fee This varies by major. These fees include the items needed for each course, such as the beakers for a chemistry lab. But it is important to remember that many universities do not include textbooks in these fees—those need to be purchased separately.

General Fee This might also be called a “student activity fee” listed on the cost of attendance for first-year students. Usually ranging between $30 and $40, this is used to fund student organization events, such as sports or other activities that the students can engage in throughout their time on campus.

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